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Premium Databases

When a free search isn't enough.

In addition to providing the world's largest and longest-running directory of free public record databases, Search Systems also offers unique fee-based "premium" databases that help you save time and search for information using features that free databases don't offer.

Access all of our National and Statewide Premium databases from the menu below. If you have an account, you may log in now via the link in the upper right. If you do not yet have an account,click here, or you can establish one for free when you begin your first search.

criminal records

National Records $14.95 | State Search $9.95

The largest database of this type available to the public. Search over 550 million criminal records, including those from national, and state databases. Instant results and powerful search features.

Alias Search records

National Records $21.95 | State Search $14.95

Search multiple last names to find records for AKA's, maiden, or married names. Search our database of over 550 million records by name and birth date, and include up to two additional last names in your search.

National Security

Domestic U.S. & International Records $5.00

Search national, state, and international security databases for terrorists, illegal imports, fugitives, sanctioned and/or debarred persons, casino cheats, money launderers, and more.

Bankruptcies Judgments Tax Liens

Nationwide or Statewide $5.00

Search over 100 million bankruptcies, judgments, and tax liens nationwide by Individual Name, Business Name, or SSN/Tax ID.

tenant screening

Statewide $5.00

Landlords & property managers: Manage your risks and save time looking for court eviction records. Use this database to find them for you.



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